What the F!? A Workshop Series for Good, Bad and Maybe Feminists

Wednesday, november 9 - 5:30 - 7:30pm
Hygge Lounge

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Do you ever say, “I’m not a ‘feminist,’ but…?"  You sometimes feel like Wonder Woman, but you're not so sure about  the “F word?” Your friends talk about Beyonce’s Formation video and her feminism, and you wish you knew more. Or do you feel like a "bad feminist" because you like the Kardashians, wear stilettos and don't know who bell hooks is?  Welcome!

Let’s go broad in the Queen City.  Girls Rock Charlotte presents "What the F!?" a workshop series for good, bad and maybe feminists. Exchange ideas and quips with like-minded individuals that share your same zeal for pop culture mixed with feminist issues. Hear about where feminism is today and how you can be a part of the conversation.  Discover ways to have great coffee shop and cocktail chats on the issues you care about. Learn how you can make a difference – without fear of the "F word." 

Workshop 3 = #NastyWoman Election Party

No matter the outcome of the election...feminism is the future. Let's raise a glass to all schemes and nasty plans we will make in our own lives, in our community, our nation and our world to realize our feminist dreams. 

Light snacks and beverages provided.

This is an open chat for all genders 18 and up. Guided by Girls Rock Charlotte bada** women on the board!